Terms And conditions
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  • Secret Nerd Base terms and conditions are randomly generated by Our malfunctioning robot Administrator. It is a living document that is changed frequently...or not at all.

    All content belongs to their respective owners. We just find stuff to laugh at.

    Keeping it a fun environment for most.
    We would say all, but there's always that one person...

    1. Don't be a Jag N'at.

    In areas of Politics and Religion, tread lightly. This is a public forum, please be respectful of others. The Ban Hammer is very real.

    2. We'll get around to this later probably.

    3. Definitely no live gerbils permitted on this site.

    4. All formal complaints shall be submitted by regular mail on form #6175118B which can be acquired by locating one of our nearby convenient Secret Nerd Base offices. Must use Orange Ink.

    Privacy policy: Yes.

    Jules Geiger Justice for Gerbils!